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Fire Distroyed Night Club in Ebonyi

A devastating fire early in the morning at Roky Fella Night Club situated on Udoji Street, Kpirikpiri, in Abakaliki, the capital of Ebonyi State, resulted in the destruction of valuable properties and goods amounting to millions of naira.

The blaze consumed various items such as refrigerators, TVs, air conditioning units, electronic devices, musical instruments, furniture, a variety of beverages, and other merchandise located within the establishment.

Reportedly ignited around 5:30 AM, the blaze continued for more than an hour until the Ebonyi State Fire Service personnel arrived at the location and successfully put out the fire.

An onlooker, Mr. Uche Ogbodo, speaking with LEADERSHIP, suggested that the cause of the fire might have been an electrical fault. He mentioned that although the club's staff were inside the building when the fire broke out, fortunately, no injuries were reported. However, he lamented the complete loss of the nightclub's facilities due to the fire.

Ogbodo detailed that the club had wrapped up operations for the night shortly before 4:30 AM, with the fire starting about an hour later. By approximately 5:45 AM, the presence of intense flames and smoke was noticeable, prompting calls to fire service crews by him and other neighbors. This quick response helped prevent the fire from spreading to adjacent structures.

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