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Lagos Civil Servants to Work Three Days a Week

Lagos Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, announced plans to alleviate the cost of living crisis by reducing the workdays for public servants. Beginning next week, lower-level civil servants will work three days a week, while those in levels 15-17 will work four days. 

To address the rising cost of food, the government will establish Sunday Markets in 42 locations across Lagos where discounted food items can be purchased, limited to a maximum spending of N25,000 per buyer.

The administration is also constructing four food hubs, in addition to one at Idi-Oro in Mushin, to facilitate food distribution and combat escalating food prices. A 25% reduction in transport fares for the State Public Transport system (BRT, Train, Ferry) will commence soon. 

Pregnant residents will receive free delivery services, including cesarean sessions, at government hospitals.

In response to the escalating costs of pharmaceutical products, the government will provide rebates on select drugs at state-owned hospitals. Sanwo-Olu stated that discussions with various transport unions are ongoing to reduce transportation fares. 

He emphasized the need for leaders to address socioeconomic challenges and called upon the private sector to contribute solutions, reminiscent of their efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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