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Otedola Mourns Wigwe, Recalls Dinner with Dangote at Late Banker's New House

Femi Otedola expresses grief over the passing of Herbert Wigwe and reminisces about a recent dinner gathering hosted by Wigwe at his newly constructed residence, where Otedola and Aliko Dangote were guests. The tragic incident occurred two weeks prior to Wigwe's demise, when he, his wife, son, and others were involved in a fatal helicopter crash near the Nevada border in California, USA. Initial reports from US authorities attribute the crash to adverse weather conditions, specifically rain and wintry weather.

In a brief statement shared on an undisclosed platform, Otedola pays tribute to Wigwe as a banking luminary, emphasizing the fond memories of their time together. He extends his condolences to Wigwe's children, expressing hope for divine solace during this sorrowful period.

Furthermore, President Bola Tinubu expresses profound shock and sorrow over Wigwe's passing, labeling it as an incomprehensible tragedy. Tinubu's spokesperson conveys the President's condolences and highlights the significance of Wigwe and other deceased individuals as exceptional figures within the Nigerian business community.

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