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Police Arrest Omolara Ogundiran, Sister and Witness in Offa Robbery Trial

Omolara Ogundiran, related to and serving as a witness for a suspect in the notorious Offa bank heist in Kwara State, was arrested by the police at a court session.


This development unfolded during the hearing of Ayoade Akinnibosun, Azeez Salahudeen, Niyi Ogundiran, Ibikunle Ogunleye, and Adeola Abraham on February 2. Omolara, a younger sibling of the fifth accused, Niyi Ogundiran, and a graduate from Ire Polytechnic, was brought forward to testify on behalf of the defense.


In court, she attempted to provide a receipt from an auto parts dealer in Osogbo, Osun State, purportedly given to her brother on the robbery's date. Nevertheless, Justice Halimat Salman dismissed this receipt as evidence, criticizing its authenticity.


Justice Salman expressed skepticism about the timing of the receipt's presentation, suggesting that recalling such a document after six years raises questions. She also pointed out inconsistencies between the affidavit's signature provided by the defense and that on the receipt, leading to its exclusion as evidence.


Following this, the trial has been postponed to April 9, 2024, for the final arguments from both sides.


Omolara Ogundiran's arrest introduces a new layer to the ongoing legal proceedings against those implicated in the Offa robbery, highlighting the case's complexity and the judicial hurdles involved.

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