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Regulating Social Media, Says Tinubu

At a book launch event held in Lagos at the Eko Hotel, President Bola Tinubu articulated the challenges posed by social media, emphasizing the necessity for its regulation. During the unveiling of "National Public Discourse: the interplay between empirical evidence and hyperbole," authored by Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola, SAN, Tinubu highlighted the distortion of public discourse by so-called alternative facts. Represented by his Chief of Staff, Femi Gbajabiamila, Tinubu expressed agreement with the observations made by panelist Miss Toyosi Akerele, advocating for a regulated approach to social media due to its potential for misuse.

In his statement, Tinubu pointed out the critical juncture at which the world finds itself, undergoing profound changes that necessitate informed and evidence-based decision-making in governance. He stressed the importance of grounding political and public policy discussions in factual evidence to safeguard the future of the nation and its citizens.

Tinubu lamented the era of post-truth politics, where emotional appeal and personal beliefs often overshadow objective facts, leading to a fragmented understanding of reality. He identified the proliferation of 'alternative facts' on social media and the misuse of technology, including artificial intelligence, as significant obstacles to coherent public discourse and effective policy-making.

The president underscored the urgent need to establish a common ground of truths and realities to foster national cohesion and identity. He commended Fashola for tackling this issue in his book, which employs rigorous research and data analysis to explore the challenges to nationhood and propose pathways for recovery and positive change.

Praising Fashola's dedication to addressing complex issues throughout his public service, Tinubu conveyed his confidence in the book's potential to enlighten and improve public discourse and decision-making processes. He expressed his commitment to distributing the book widely among colleagues and friends, underlining its significance in navigating the challenges of the current global and national landscape.

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