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Ex-footballer Dani Alves Brother Blasts Fake Claims. The former Barcelona Defender Committed Suicide in Prison.

Dani Alves' brother strongly condemns the spreading of false rumors suggesting that the former Barcelona footballer had committed suicide while in prison. The rumors originated from a social media post by Paulo Albuquerque, which went viral overnight. 

Alves' press advisor, Acaz Felleger, stated that they are considering taking legal action against Albuquerque for his irresponsible post.                                                                         

Albuquerque, who identifies himself as a football enthusiast on social media, initially claimed that Dani Alves had taken his own life. However, he later clarified that he was referring to a cousin named Danielzinho from Nova Iguacu who had been missing but was found alive.

In response to the false rumors, Dani Alves' brother Ney expressed his outrage through an Instagram Live session, emphasizing the cruelty of such actions. 

Despite Dani Alves being convicted of rape by three judges, his family maintains his innocence and criticizes the public's desire to see him harmed.

Felleger, the journalist representing Dani Alves, refuted the claims of suicide and announced that they are considering legal action against the individual responsible for spreading the false information.

Dani Alves, who was recently sentenced to four and a half years in prison for rape, continues to assert his innocence. 

His lawyer plans to appeal the conviction and sentence. 

During his trial, Alves maintained that his encounter with the accuser was consensual, while the victim testified that she was forced into sexual activity by the footballer. 

Prosecutors sought a nine-year sentence, while the victim's lawyer demanded twelve years. Both parties plan to appeal the sentence in hopes of securing a harsher punishment for Alves.

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