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Otun Balogun Insist Olubadan-designate Unfit to Rule

Oba Abimbola Ajibola, the Otun Balogun of Ibadanland, announced on Tuesday that Oba Owolabi Olakulehin, the Olubadan-designate, is still unwell and not yet physically capable of holding the position of authority.

On March 14, the venerable Olubadan stool became empty following the demise of Oba Lekan Balogun, who ruled for a period of two years until passing away at the age of 81.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday at his Sanyo private home in Ibadan, Oba Ajibola claimed that Olakulehin was unwell and shouldn't yet be installed as the Olubadan.

Oba Ajibola was dismissed by a member of the Olakulehin family, who favored anonymity since the family hadn't given him permission to respond formally.

"There is no law that says Baba cannot become Olubadan," he declared. There is no denying that Baba is elderly, as are many of the kingmakers.

You requested that he show up in person, and he complied. When several of the kingmakers spotted him, they snapped pictures, which your journalists published in your publications. 
Does Olubadan stool fit for an Olympic athlete? The ages of people who turned into Olubadan are known to us.

"There is no foundation for what Otun Balogun is stating. He is aware that in the event that Baba is not eligible, he will directly benefit. 

If you desire the job, there's no need to want the person who has the skills ahead of you to be disqualified. Let's all learn to bide our time. God's time is the Best"

However, Oba Ajibola questioned journalists, asking, "What's the rush? We haven't seen Olakulehin before. We have not heard from him. He has not communicated with the people of Ibadan.

"I am his lieutenant and second in command. Not once has he called to tell me, "My Otun, I'm back." Tell your people, then. When do you plan to see me? They are only pressuring him because it serves their own self-interest.

Speaking about the Monday meeting at Chief Bode Amoo's private home in Ibadan's Agodi Government Reserved Area, Oba Ajibola stated, "They said we called a meeting and we have endorsed him (Olakulehin).

" That's not me in that. They already know that I won't participate in such criminal activity. We know Baba Olakulehin is the next Olubadan, but let's let him get well.

Has he been seen by anyone since last Friday? It was impossible for anyone who visited after Friday to see him. This man is being forced. We ought to let him recover.

According to him, Oba Olakulehin was packaged last Friday in order to trick the public and benefit himself.

"You journalists ought to go interview Olakulehin in addition. Recall that while Oba Balogun was in Mapo, he refuted the rumors that he was blind and deaf. 

This is olapalehin being packed. He is unable to identify anyone. 

Where has he said this? To whom did he talk? Even the crowned obas who visited simply took a seat.

They remained silent. They informed me that he is our leader before we saw him last Friday, but I told them that Baba hasn't called. I hope Ibadan does well, but let's observe the law. We are saying that, he emphasized.

Family distributes aso ebi as preparations for the future Olubadan's coronation get underway.
Oba Ajibola went on to say that no one has seen the Olubadan-designate since the Olubadan-in-Council members' visit on Friday.

Even the lawyer who went there claimed not to have seen him. Thus, nomination is not at issue here. Give this man time to recover. 

Allow him to be in good physical shape. There is no law that says if you don’t nominate Oba in Ibadan before 21 days, you won’t nominate Oba again in Ibadan or that’s the end of the world.

"The governor may speak out. He is the law's guardian. He is this state's prime executive. I've questioned them about their hurry. When they arrived, I asked them, "Why are you hurrying this man?" The dude is not okay right now, I said.

Until Governor Seyi Makinde intervened, Otun Balogun declared he would not attend any meeting convened by the Olubadan-designate.

"Until the governor addresses this matter, I will not attend any meetings. Before beginning anything, the governor is able to designate a doctor or other medical professional to assess the new monarch's health. 

He needs to be in good health and in good standing. He must be able to move around and talk to the people.

As of right now, the status is that we do not currently have an Olubadan. All they're attempting to do is rouse Olakulehin. This man is being forced. 

They are aware of the man's illness. Why then are they pressuring the man? I wish he was able to speak on his own. 

I'm looking for this from my folks. Olubadan needs to be capable of identifying his people. He needs to be able to communicate with his people because these are my people, Ajibola stated.

According to information obtained by The Punch, the Olubadan-designate would be nominated by the next in line of succession at a gathering of the kingmakers, where the decision will be approved and the name forwarded to the governor of Oyo State for confirmation.

On the Balogun line, Oba Ajibola comes after Oba Olakulehin.

Sumbo Owolabi, the Olubadan-designate's son, was unavailable for interviews because his cell phone was turned off.

The GoodyNews reported that Oba Ajibola and the Ekerin Olubadan, Oba Hamidu Ajibade, were noticeably missing from the Monday meeting at Chief Amoo's home.

Recall that on Monday, March 25, 2024, at Mapo Hall in Ibadan, Oba Ajibade had stated to reporters following a meeting of the kingmakers, "I, as the Ekerin Olubadan, have not seen him." When I visited his residence, he wasn't there.

His house has been visited by several of us. Perhaps somewhere, as a Yoruba man, he is training for the royal duty. Remember that he is Balogun, descended from the warriors. Being at the top is not simple.

"Will you allow that person to ascend the throne if they are ill or incapacitated in any way, even if they are not from Ibadan?" Oba Ajibade continued. 

Anybody who want to become our Oba must be able to walk and speak properly. He has to be someone we can talk to about things.

"No person shall be qualified to be a candidate for a recognised chieftaincy title who suffers from serious physical infirmity, or has under any law in force in Nigeria been found or deemed to be a lunatic or considered to be of unsound mind, or has, in any part of the Commonwealth been convicted of an offence involving dishonesty and sentenced to imprisonment therefore, and has not received a free pardon," the section is quoted as saying. Section 10(2) of the Chiefs Law of Oyo State 1957, now Section 14 (2) Cap 28 Laws of Oyo State of Nigeria 2000, outlined the requirements to be met in order to be granted to the Olubadan of Ibadanland.

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