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Wike Warns Politicians

Wike Warns Politicians: No Interference in My Work


He expressed his disappointment regarding the actions of a member of the House of Representatives, who hindered progress on a project in the Guzape District of the FCT for their own personal benefit.


The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Nyesom Wike, has made a firm commitment to confront any politicians who interfere with current government projects. Wike emphasized that his primary concern is safeguarding public interests, rather than catering to the self-centered desires of politicians.


This statement was made in the context of Wike expressing disappointment over a House of Representatives member's actions, which hindered progress on a project in FCT's Guzape District for personal benefit.


During his inspection of various road construction projects in Guzape Lot 2, executed by Gilmour Construction, and Roads B6 and D12 along Constitution Avenue, undertaken by Julius Berger Construction, Wike revealed that the lawmaker had unjustifiably halted the project. He stressed that such actions against a public enterprise managed by the Federal Capital Territory Administration would be met with serious consequences.

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