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Lagos Plantain Chips Health Warning


The Lagos State Consumer Protection Agency (LASCOPA) has issued a caution to its residents regarding the consumption of fried plantains, commonly referred to as "Plantain Chips." This advisory comes in response to concerns about potentially harmful practices in the preparation and frying process of these snacks.


This alert was prompted by a widely circulated online photograph, shared by a witness, that appeared to show a vendor of "plantain chips" adding a substance resembling polythene, often called "rubber," into the hot oil used for frying the plantains. LASCOPA, in a recent statement, expressed serious reservations about the potential health risks this practice could pose to consumers.


LASCOPA's statement highlighted the need for such an advisory, citing the troubling image that showed the questionable addition of polythene to the oil. The agency is particularly worried about the potential health hazards this could cause.


The Lagos Government has issued a stark warning to its citizens against purchasing these potentially poisonous plantain chips.


In response to this worrying find, LASCOPA advises consumers to be extra cautious and vigilant about their plantain chips purchases to avoid unwittingly consuming harmful substances or experiencing food poisoning.

LASCOPA is actively investigating this issue and plans to implement measures to safeguard consumers and hold those responsible for this hazardous practice accountable.

The agency also encourages the public to report any suspicious or illegal activities among food vendors to the appropriate authorities, including LASCOPA, to protect consumer health.


LASCOPA's main office is located at 2B, Soji Adepegba Close, off Allen Avenue in Ikeja, with additional offices in Badagry Local Government Secretariat, Bariga LCDA, Ikorodu Local Government, and Ikoyi-Obalende LCDA. They can be contacted through their email addresses or


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