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I Would Rather Stay with Moses Through Wilderness, Seyi Law Affirms Support for Tinubu

Comedian and entertainer Lawrence Oluwaseyitan Aletile, popularly known as Seyi Law, has reiterated his support for the administration of President Bola Tinubu.

In a recent post on his social media handle, Seyi Law encouraged Nigerians to rally behind Tinubu, expressing confidence in the potential for progress under his leadership.

Using the analogy of the biblical narrative of Moses, Seyi Law underscored his preference for enduring challenges under a forward-thinking leader like Tinubu rather than opting for temporary comforts that may endanger the future.

Despite facing criticism, Seyi Law affirmed his steadfast support for Tinubu, stressing his dedication to offering constructive criticism while advocating for sustained development.

He remarked, “I would rather accompany a Moses through the wilderness to Canaan than enjoy luxuries in slavery in Egypt, even if it means sacrificing my children’s future.

“While many Nigerians dampen the optimism of others with negativity and a desire for instant gratification, it's disheartening that government agencies are failing to effectively communicate the government's agenda, efforts, and actions. I don't judge those who are frustrated with the government, as they were elected to serve the people. I may simply be more informed.

"I understand that not everything is solely within the government's control, and I should be able to demand accountability from the state government. Your allocations have increased, yet improving the transportation system, let alone subsidizing it for citizens, seems like an insurmountable task. The state governors ought to be ashamed."

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