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Dekeri Embraces Victory, Appeals for Backing

Anamero Dekeri, one of the contenders celebrating success in the All Progressives Congress (APC) primary election, announced his acceptance of the nomination as the party's candidate for the upcoming September 21 election.

In his acknowledgment speech delivered on Sunday, Dekeri praised the stakeholders and encouraged fellow aspirants to unite with him to enhance the party's prospects and secure victory in the gubernatorial race.

He stated, "On February 17, 2024, APC members in Edo State cast their votes to select a candidate to represent our party in the forthcoming gubernatorial election. In their wisdom, they chose me, Anamero Dekeri, as their preferred candidate. With humility and a profound sense of duty, I embrace this decision, viewing it as a manifestation of divine will. I extend sincere gratitude to the members of our esteemed party in Edo State for their significant trust in me, an honor that I deeply respect."

Dekeri also expressed appreciation to key stakeholders, including the state and national working committees, for ensuring strict adherence to electoral guidelines as outlined in the schedule. He commended the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for maintaining transparency throughout the electoral process.

He further recognized the dedication and resilience of his campaign team, urging them to recommit themselves for the next phase of the campaign.

Addressing his fellow contestants, he acknowledged their contribution to deepening democracy within the APC. "You fought valiantly and passionately. Though differences may have arisen during the campaign, such disagreements are typical in any competition. However, our party members have made their choice," he remarked.

"There are no winners or losers; it is the APC that emerges victorious. Democracy prevails. Hence, I extend an invitation to you all to collaborate with me. Together, let us march forward with strength and determination to dislodge the current occupants at Osadebe Avenue – the PDP – come September 2024," he added.

Dekeri urged the APC members in Edo State to rally together and intensify their campaign efforts to secure victory in the state's next government.

"Our administration will prioritize the welfare of you and your children, striving to alleviate your hardships," he assured.

Addressing the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the current occupants at Dennis Osadebey Avenue, Dekeri signaled their impending departure. "Your time is running out; it's time to start packing," he emphasized.

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