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Insecurity Should Not Be Allowed in Nigeria

Labour Party presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi, emphasized on Wednesday that the current state of insecurity in Nigeria cannot be allowed to persist. He urged the government to adopt more effective and creative measures to address the issue. This statement came in the wake of the kidnapping of passengers traveling to Abuja on mass transit buses in Kogi State.

In a message shared on his X profile, the former governor of Anambra State expressed deep concern over the continuous spread of insecurity, banditry, and kidnapping across the nation. He was particularly distressed by recent reports of the abduction of passengers en route to Abuja from Kogi State. Obi highlighted that ensuring the security of lives and properties should be a top priority for the government and its agencies.

He called on those responsible for the surge in terror to reconsider their actions and cease their criminal behavior. Obi's thoughts are with the families of those kidnapped, as he advocates for unity in securing their release and improving the nation's security.

Obi stressed that the government must not only address the current insecurity but also develop more effective and innovative approaches to prevent such situations in the future. He warned that the combination of widespread insecurity with increasing hunger and poverty exacerbates the nation's challenges.

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