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Kano Agency Seals Warehouses for Hoarding Foodstuffs

The Kano State Public Complaints and Anti-Corruption Commission has taken action against the hoarding of food items by seizing 10 warehouses in the Dawanau area of Dawakin Tofa Local Government Area. Mr. Muhyi Magaji, the Chairman of the commission, made this announcement to reporters following the confiscation of warehouses in Dawanau International Grains Market, Singer Market, and Kwari Textiles Market on Sunday.

During the operation, it was observed that owners of the warehouses were absent, but those that were opened revealed a stockpile of various foodstuffs such as spaghetti, rice, pasta, sugar, and other commodities.

Mr. Magaji stated that the owners have been served notices to appear before the commission to face legal charges for their illicit activities.

The commission's crackdown on hoarding aims to curb the sudden increase in prices of essential commodities in the state. Within a week, the price of rice had surged from N52,000 to N61,000. The commission believes that by sustaining their efforts, they can stabilize prices and bring them down from their current levels.

During the operation, it was discovered that some warehouses claimed to be affiliated with the World Food Programme, raising concerns about diversion of food aid intended for the country.

Additionally, reports indicated a significant price hike in maize, with prices soaring from N30,000 to N60,000, representing a 100% increase, which was deemed unacceptable.

The confiscated warehouses contained hoarded commodities worth hundreds of millions of Naira. The commission emphasized that such activities will not be tolerated and that arrests will be made accordingly.

The commission has activated intelligence mechanisms to identify and address instances of hoarding across various locations.

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