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NDLEA Arrest Insurgents Drug Supplier.

Nigerian drug enforcement officials, known as the NDLEA, arrested 24 suspects and seized over 7.6 tons of illegal drugs in a series of raids across eight states. This included the capture of a man supplying drugs to insurgents and a pregnant woman involved in trafficking.

The biggest haul came in Nasarawa state, where a truck carrying over 4 tons of cannabis was intercepted. Three suspects were arrested. In the capital Abuja, agents stopped two trucks carrying a combined 2.8 tons of cannabis, leading to the arrest of five individuals.

The NDLEA also nabbed a man allegedly supplying drugs to insurgents in Borno state, along with a woman linked to a separate cannabis shipment. Smaller seizures were made in Ondo state, where attempts to mask the drugs' scent with detergent and water were foiled.

This news highlights the NDLEA's ongoing efforts to combat drug trafficking in Nigeria, including targeting suppliers linked to insurgent groups.

Key points:

  • 24 suspects arrested, including an insurgent supplier and a pregnant woman.
  • Over 7.6 tons of drugs seized, mainly cannabis.
  • Raids conducted in eight states, with major seizures in Nasarawa and Abuja.
  • NDLEA targeting drug trafficking linked to insurgency.

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) reported various drug interceptions and arrests throughout the country in the last week. Here's a summary:

Edo State:

187kg of unspecified illicit drugs seized in Sapele road, Benin.

Kano State:

Bashir Attahir (58) arrested with 216,000 tramadol pills.

Ejike Moses Nmenme (47) arrested with tramadol, rohypnol, and codeine syrup.

Yusuf Abdullahi Musa (35) and Yusuf Musa (28) arrested with 1,000 tramadol injection ampoules.

Borno State:

Ahmad Mohammed (42) arrested with 20,000 tramadol capsules suspected for delivery to insurgents.

Anambra State:

Six suspects arrested in Oraifite and Umuni-Evili, including a pregnant woman.

Over 6kg of various illicit drugs seized.

Lagos State:

Ogah Sunday Adole and Boluwatife Adebayo arrested with cannabis, codeine syrup, and other drugs.

Omolade Fola Adebayo arrested with cannabis, codeine syrup, rohypnol, and molly.

NDLEA Commends Efforts:

NDLEA Chairman Brig. Gen. Mohamed Buba Marwa praised the involved units and urged continued vigilance in combating drug trafficking and abuse.

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