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Pregnant Woman Arrested for Fatal Stabbing Over Stolen Plantains in Rivers State

In Rivers State, a distressing event unfolded as local police detained Blessing Godday, a pregnant mother with nine children, for the alleged fatal stabbing of Mrs. Imeran Idema.


The incident took place on January 28 in Agada village, Abua, Rivers State. It was reported that Blessing was trying to escape with some plantains she had taken to feed her hungry children. Mrs. Idema, who was managing the plantation for her family, caught Blessing in the act and confronted her, insisting she return the stolen plantains. Blessing, however, attempted to flee.


During the confrontation, an intense argument broke out. Mrs. Idema struck Blessing on the leg with a machete to stop her from running away. Blessing reportedly fought back, took the machete from Mrs. Idema, and severely injured her, leaving her to bleed in the plantation.


Mrs. Idema was quickly taken to a hospital, but she died from her injuries. Before passing away, she identified Blessing as the assailant and described the sequence of events leading to their fight.


After the victim's family reported the incident, the police took Blessing into custody. Although she was initially released for medical attention because of her pregnancy, she was taken back into custody two days later.


The Rivers State Police Commissioner, CP Olatunji Disu, confirmed the incident and highlighted the importance of thoughtful action. He stressed the need for responsible choices, especially in family planning and securing a livelihood.


This tragic case underscores the critical need for peaceful conflict resolution and the severe implications of turning to violence.

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