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Worried Mother Voices Concerns Over Her and Her Child's Safety


Maria Muftaudeen, an entrepreneur and mother of a daughter with Musiliu Akinsanya, known as MC Oluomo, has turned to social media to express her apprehensions about their safety.


In a heartfelt Instagram message, Muftaudeen called on the public to hold MC Oluomo accountable should any harm befall her or their daughter. She shared her anxiety, stating, "Although you are close to Tinubu and may think you are untouchable, remember there's a higher power that controls life and death."


Directly addressing MC Oluomo, she implored, "Oluomo, please don't harm me or my child," and cautioned, "Should anything adverse occur to me or my daughter, Musiliu Akinsanya should be held responsible."


Her post included a picture of MC Oluomo, hinting at her belief that he poses a threat to her and her future husband.


In an open letter to MC Oluomo, Muftaudeen shared her struggles, claiming that despite her attempts at reconciliation and seeking support, she has faced threats and hostility. She criticized MC Oluomo for disregarding their daughter's needs and putting their safety at risk.


Muftaudeen expressed her frustration with the lack of legal protection due to fear of reprisal and highlighted the emotional and psychological impact this ordeal has had on her.


She ended her message with a strong appeal for MC Oluomo to take responsibility for their daughter's well-being and to cease hostile actions against her. "You might not have physically harmed me yet, but your actions are causing me profound distress," she stated.


Muftaudeen's plea sheds light on the difficulties of navigating personal disputes and the obstacles faced by those seeking protection and justice against potential threats and coercion.




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