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Speak Positive Things About Nigeria


In a recent call to the nation, President Bola Tinubu has urged Nigerians to adopt a positive stance towards their homeland, emphasizing that a hopeful perspective is key to the nation's progress.

During the inauguration of the "Renewed Hope Cities" project, which introduced 3,112 new housing units in the Federal Capital Territory, President Tinubu made his appeal. Returning from a personal trip to Paris, his first public engagement highlighted the importance of harboring and expressing positive sentiments about Nigeria, especially in the face of ongoing challenges.

Nigeria currently faces numerous trials, including economic difficulties, inflation, increased kidnapping incidents, and a declining currency value. Public discontent has been vocal, with protests erupting in various states, voicing concerns over the escalating cost of living.

Despite these adversities, President Tinubu, in his address, encouraged the nation to focus on the future with optimism, assuring citizens of his administration's commitment to economic growth and national development. He invoked the national pledge as a reminder of every citizen's commitment to the nation's values and aspirations.

Highlighting recent achievements, such as the national soccer team's success, Tinubu pointed to the unity and pride shared by Nigerians, reinforcing his belief in the country's potential for greatness. He underscored the importance of unity, honor, and dedication to the nation's welfare.

Further emphasizing the critical need for housing, President Tinubu lauded the Housing Ministry's efforts in advancing housing and urban development initiatives, particularly the inclusion of private sector partnerships. He stressed housing as a fundamental human right and outlined the project's broad economic benefits, from job creation to enhancing the national economy.

President Tinubu's speech served not only as a call for positivity and hope but also as a pledge to prioritize the welfare of Nigerians and to strive for a prosperous future that all citizens can take pride in.

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