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Couple in Delta State who Spent N50k Only for their Wedding, Trending Photos

A couple in Delta state has gained widespread attention after reportedly spending only N50,000 on their church wedding held recently. The images circulating online depict the couple in simple attire, receiving blessings from their clergy member in the church.

The groom, Udu Lucky Obukhowo, explained that they opted for a modest ceremony after their traditional wedding due to the challenging economic conditions. 

He emphasized the importance of not going overboard and added a humorous touch by mentioning, "Economy hard, you wan come do pass your self join? Do your power and we all go dey alright."

Furthermore, Obukhowo mentioned that they utilized their existing wardrobe for the event, with the exception of purchasing their wedding rings. 

This decision highlights their practical approach in navigating financial constraints while celebrating their union.

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