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Senate Investigates Delays in Power Distribution to Delta Communities

The Senate has tasked its Power Committee with investigating and resolving the delay in distributing 100 megawatts of electricity to communities in Delta North Senatorial District. 

This decision was reached after considering a motion titled "Need to address the unexplained delay in Electricity Step-Down of Okpai Independent Power Plant," sponsored by Senator Ned Nwoko. 

The motion highlights the importance of ensuring that electricity generated by the Okpai Independent Power Plant benefits the Delta North communities as intended.

Nwoko emphasized that Nigeria has 23 Power Generating Plants, including the Okpai Independent Power Plant, which contributes to the national power supply grid. 

He noted that the Okpai plant, operated by Nigeria Agip Oil Company, was commissioned in 2005 and was initially expected to provide 50 megawatts of electricity to host communities. 

However, it has since been upgraded to provide 930 megawatts, with plans to increase supply to 100 megawatts for the Delta North Senatorial District.

Despite the upgrade and the award of a contract for a transmission line, there have been unexplained delays in executing the project. 

This has left the Ndokwa nation and Delta North communities without adequate electricity supply, despite hosting several oil companies. 

Senators supported the motion, which was referred to the power committee for further action and reporting back to the Senate within one month.

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