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NLC Says Obi is Free to Leave LP

The Nigeria Labour Congress leadership announced that it is going to continue until Julius Abure is removed as the Labour Party's national chairman.

NLC spokesman Benson Upah stated that, despite the 'illegal' national convention that reinstated Abure, the union would never legitimize or recognize his leadership.

He stated, "Our position on this issue is straightforward and has not changed." Abure remains unknown to us. It is not a question of removal. As far that we know, he does not exist.

The news comes as a group of retired employees, led through the Lagos Assembly of Labour Veterans and Trade Unionists, additionally called for the resignation of the party's embattled national chairman and NLC President, Joe Ajaero, amid their contentious leadership dispute.

Despite his call for more consultation, the party's nominee for president, Peter Obi, appears to have been at odds with the LP's leadership over how its convention in Nnewi, Anambra State, was conducted.

The former Anambra governor stated his displeasure at an X (previously Twitter) Space session hosted by Parallel Facts last Friday night.

While explaining his absence from the national convention that resulted in Julius Abure's re-election as the party's national chairman, Obi informed those in attendance that he did not attend the event because the leadership of the party ignored his request for wider consultation with the appropriate parties prior to the exercise.

His remark has subsequently left tongues turning, fueling prior rumors that the LP presidential contender might have begun looking for an alternative platform despite being secured the 2027 ticket at the convention.

However, Upah said the question of whether Obi should stay or leave the party ought not to be disputed, stating that the former governor was free to pick his own future.

According to him, the NLC can't stop the presidential candidate from defecting to another political platform.

While calling him as an asset, the spokesman stressed that if he chose to leave, Congress wasn't going to stop him from doing so.

"Mr Obi has the freedom to choose. If he wants to leave the celebration, that is his choice. We are unable to pass judgment on him for that. However, if he chooses to stay, Peter Obi is an invaluable resource at any time. "I rest my case on that," he said.

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