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I'm Not a Woman Beater

I'm not a woman beater, says a singer

Singer Sanni Goriola Wasiu, popularly known as LilFrosh, has refuted allegations of being violent towards women. This statement comes three years after his former partner, Iyomaterie Oghenekaro Taiwo, accused him of physical abuse.


In October 2020, Taiwo publicly charged the artist, then a member of Davido's DMW label, with physical assault, substantiating her claims with photos of her injured eye. She officially lodged a complaint in February 2021. Following negotiations, the dispute was resolved, and Taiwo withdrew her complaint on March 14, 2022.


LilFrosh faced significant repercussions during this period, including being dismissed from Davido's label, a move Davido made clear was in condemnation of the alleged behavior.


Recently, in a video released on January 27, LilFrosh addressed the incident, lamenting that he wasn't given a fair chance to defend himself when the accusations surfaced. He insists that he is not abusive towards women. He explained that the incident with Taiwo occurred during a heated argument where he felt his mother was disrespected, leading to him slapping Taiwo.


Furthermore, LilFrosh has reached out to his ex-employer, Davido, seeking forgiveness and understanding.

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