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Lagos Dislodges Miscreants Occupying Pedestrian Bridges

Lagos State Environmental Sanitation Corps personnel conducted an operation to remove individuals identified as miscreants and beggars from pedestrian bridges within the state. The Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, Tokunbo Wahab, confirmed this action, citing public complaints about the presence of these individuals hindering pedestrian use of the bridges. Additionally, the state government had previously urged residents to utilize pedestrian bridges and announced plans to prosecute pedestrians crossing highways.

The enforcement operation, led by Corps Marshal Major Olatunbosun Cole (retired), targeted miscreants on the Oshodi and Ikeja-along pedestrian bridges. Commissioner Wahab emphasized the importance of pedestrian safety and reiterated the necessity for individuals to avoid crossing highways and instead use designated pedestrian bridges. The enforcement efforts are intended to be ongoing across the state, with individuals posing threats to pedestrian safety subject to apprehension and prosecution.

An investigation by PUNCH Metro in August 2023 highlighted the underutilization of bus stop shelters and bridges in Lagos State, originally intended to serve commuters but now occupied by miscreants, mentally challenged individuals, and traders. This occupation has displaced the commuters for whom the structures were constructed.

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