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Oyo Recycling Facility Sealed Over Pollution

On Wednesday, the Oyo State Government took decisive action by closing down Shri-Balaji Industry Limited, a company involved in converting waste tyres into useful products like pyrolysis oil, carbon black, and steel wire. This decision was communicated by Abdulmojeed Mogbonjubola, the Commissioner for Environment and Natural Resources in Ibadan. He emphasized the state's commitment to enforcing adherence to both global and local environmental regulations by various entities.

Mogbonjubola highlighted that under Governor Seyi Makinde's leadership, there would be no compromise on environmental standards or leniency towards those breaching the state's environmental health policies.

The company, situated in Olopomeji on Ife road, Ibadan, within the Egbeda Local Government Area, was found to have been significantly violating the state's environmental laws since 2016 through its operations.

The commissioner pointed out that the company's pyrolysis activities resulted in harmful emissions, affecting nearby vegetation with carbon black, a substance dangerous to human health. This was established through several inspections by ministry officials.

Furthermore, it was noted that the company lacked basic health and safety measures for its workers, including the absence of personal protective gear and health insurance. Additionally, the facility's air quality was reported to surpass the limits set by the National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency. Despite previous directives from the ministry to implement necessary safety and environmental measures, including hiring a certified safety officer, the company failed to comply.

Mogbonjubola also mentioned that Shri-Balaji Industry Limited had been previously fined N1.5 million for its non-compliance, a penalty it did not settle. He expressed his concern over the disregard of some businesses and organizations for established environmental guidelines.

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