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Senate Rejects Move to Involve Anambra in NDDC Member States

The Senate has declined a proposal to incorporate Anambra State into the membership of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) after a contentious exchange between Senators Tony Nwoye and Jibrin Isah during a session on Wednesday.

Nwoye advocated for amending the NDDC Act to include Anambra as an oil-producing state eligible for NDDC membership, citing its consistent oil production and 13% derivation allocation since 2021. However, several senators opposed this, noting that states like Kogi and Lagos, despite having oil wells, are not covered by the NDDC.

Senator Echocho stressed that the NDDC primarily serves as a regional intervention body, not exclusively for oil-producing states. He pointed out that Kogi, his home state, also receives 13% derivation as an oil producer, countering Nwoye's claims.

Echocho urged Nwoye to concentrate on Anambra's case and allow the Senate to deliberate on the bill. He clarified that Kogi has been receiving the derivation since 2022, refuting Nwoye's assertion to the contrary.

In an effort to ease tensions, Senate President Godswill Akpabio noted that granting Anambra NDDC membership would set a precedent for other states like Lagos, which also has oil wells in Badagry, to demand inclusion.

Akpabio suggested that the National Boundary Commission would have the authority to decide such matters. When the bill was put to a vote, the majority of senators opposed it, leading to its rejection by the Senate.

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