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The Ogun NLC Will Not Back Down on its Demand for a N1 Million Minimum Wage

The Chairman of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) in Ogun State, Hammed Ademola-Benco, emphasized that the proposed N1 million minimum wage for workers remains non-negotiable. Ademola-Benco made this declaration during a press briefing in Abeokuta, the capital of the state, as the union concluded a two-day protest aimed at urging the Federal Government to address issues of insecurity, hunger, and the high cost of living in the country.

Ademola-Benco reiterated that the national leadership of the union stands firm on its demands, particularly regarding the N1 million minimum wage. The National President of the NLC, Joe Ajaero, had previously stated that if the current inflation trend persists, organized labor might advocate for a new minimum wage of up to N1 million for Nigerian workers.

Ajaero pointed out that the demand from organized labor would be influenced by the rising cost of living, which has been escalating since President Bola Tinubu took office, notably due to the elimination of fuel subsidies and other policies. Previously, NLC members had staged a nationwide protest over economic hardships resulting from the removal of fuel subsidies, among other grievances, and subsequently suspended it, giving the FG a new two-week ultimatum.

However, Ajaero mentioned on Wednesday that the labor union couldn't proceed with its two-day nationwide protest due to intimidation and threats. Ademola-Benco, speaking to journalists at the union’s headquarters in Abeokuta, expressed dismay over the low wages of Nigerian workers, describing them as among the lowest globally.

He highlighted that the demand for a N1 million minimum wage stemmed from the need to align wages with the dollar exchange rate. Ademola-Benco emphasized that they are open to negotiations if the government can provide convincing reasons to deviate from this stance.

Regarding the nationwide protest, Ademola-Benco acknowledged its success despite the withdrawal of support by the Trade Union Congress and other affiliated unions.

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