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President Tinubu Orders Customs to Release Seized Food Items to Owners

President Tinubu has instructed the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) to release food items confiscated at border areas to their rightful owners, stipulating that these items must be sold in Nigerian markets. 

The directive was relayed by the Comptroller General of the Nigeria Customs Service, Adewale Adeniyi, during a meeting with residents from border regions at Kongolam and Mai’Adua border stations on March 9th. 

Adeniyi noted that President Tinubu's decision, though not bound by legal frameworks, was rooted in his profound generosity towards Nigeria. 

He emphasized that the seized food items, originally intended for export, are to be returned to their owners under the condition that they are sold domestically. 

Adeniyi further stated that the Customs Service would closely monitor compliance with this directive, ensuring that the repatriated goods are indeed reintegrated into Nigerian markets.

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