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Kaduna Assembly Sets up Committee to Probe El-Rufai

The Kaduna State House of Assembly has established a fact-finding committee to investigate the finances, loans, and contract projects under the former Governor Nasiru El-Rufai's administration. 

Governor Uba Sani, in a recent town hall meeting, expressed concern over the substantial debt inherited from his predecessor, totaling $587 million, N85 billion, and 115 contractual liabilities. 

Despite these challenges, the current administration remains committed to advancing Kaduna State's development.

It sounds like the Kaduna State House of Assembly is taking significant steps to investigate the financial situation under the former Governor's administration. 

Governor Uba Sani's remarks highlight the challenges his administration faces due to the substantial debt inherited. 

Stepping into such a situation requires careful navigation to ensure progress and development despite the financial constraints.

It seems the Kaduna State Assembly is leaving no stone unturned in its investigation, extending it to the former governor's close associates and focusing on financial dealings spanning from 2015 to 2023. 

This thorough approach reflects a commitment to transparency and accountability in governance.

Inviting former speakers, commissioners, and other key figures suggests a comprehensive investigation aimed at gathering insights from various perspectives. 

It underscores the assembly's dedication to uncovering all relevant information related to financial matters and project implementation during the specified period.

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