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Water Travel without a Life Jacket is Banned in Delta

The Delta State Government has banned travelling on its waterways without putting on life jackets and ensuring other safety measures

It's a crucial safety measure to require life jackets and other safety precautions for traveling on waterways. It's unfortunate that such a tragic incident occurred, and condolences to the families affected.

Expressing condolences on behalf of the State Government, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and the creative community shows solidarity and support during this difficult time. 

It's important to honor those who lost their lives while pursuing their creative passions.

It's commendable that safety measures were in place for those who were saved, emphasizing the importance of life jackets and other precautions. 

The government's warning against water journeys without safety gear underscores their commitment to citizen safety, especially within the entertainment industry. 

Offering prayers for the departed souls shows empathy and compassion during this tragic time.

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