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TCN Restores National Grid After Fire Outbreak

The Transmission Company of Nigeria has restored the national electricity grid after it collapsed early Monday morning. 

TCN's General Manager, Ndidi Mbah, announced the restoration. 

The grid's capacity dropped from 2,583.77MW to 64.7MW around 3 am, marking the sixth collapse in 2024.

The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) attributed the national grid collapse to a fire outbreak at the Afam power generating station. 

The fire occurred at the Afam V 330kV bus bar coupler, causing units at Afam III and Afam VI to trip, resulting in a sudden loss of generation capacity. 

This destabilized the grid and led to a partial collapse. Despite the disruption, the Ibom Power plant isolated from the grid helped minimize the impact on the Port Harcourt Region. 

TCN confirms that the affected section of the grid has been fully restored and stabilized.

TCN reassures its commitment to improving the resilience and reliability of the national grid by investing in measures to strengthen the grid infrastructure.

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